JCS Pine Hills

Passion, Responsibility, Opportunities, Support, Prepared, Excellence, & Respect

Welcome to JCS Pine Hills

JCS Pine Hills is an independent study K-12 charter school serving approximately 700 students in Riverside County. Our mission is to empower learners with educational choice. Our vision is to provide an exemplary personalized learning program in a supportive, resource-rich learning environment. We are dedicated to excellence and committed to nurturing passionate lifelong learners. Core values include:

  • Creativity and Innovation: Envision and explore rich teaching and learning opportunities.
  • Commitment: Educate students to their full potential and uphold the greater good of the school.
  • Choice: Empower individual paths and goals through personalized learning.
  • Excellence: Foster a climate of high expectations, quality, and accountability.
  • Integrity and Compassion: Model honesty, dignity, fairness, and responsibility while demonstrating respect and understanding.

JCS Pine Hills Academy (K-8)

JCS AcademiesAt JCS Pine Hills Academy, K-8, our goal is to develop passionate life-long learners through differentiated and personalized instruction. While on campus, students participate in hands-on, activity-based Common Core instruction. Lessons are taught whole-class, small-group and/or individually. Our qualified teachers pull from a variety of resources to create meaningful lessons that target both the academic and interest levels of the students.This program is an excellent fit for students who enjoy working independently as well as collaborating with others. Generally, students attend the academy four days per week. On home study days, students complete assignments at home under the direction of a parent-teacher.

JCS Pine Hills Academy (6-12)

JCS AcademiesThe JCS Pine Hills Academy (6-12) is a small program for middle and high school students who benefit from classroom instruction three days per week by certificated, highly qualified teachers.  Two days per week, our students work from home by utilizing our online platform called Canvas and communicating with their teachers via email and/or online meetings.  Our focus is on academic success, character development and strengthening the life skills students need for today’s world by “Fostering students who PROSPER”.  PROSPER is an acronym for seven facets that guide our school’s culture and are concentrated on throughout the student’s years at the academy.  We support our high school students in reaching their goals by exposing them to career guidance classes along with the academic rigor of college preparatory courses which are on file with the University of California. Students also have the opportunity to participate in theater, intramural sports, leadership, community college classes, social activities and more.  We take pride in promoting a safe, welcoming and engaging environment for all students.

JCS Pine Hills INSITE (9-12)

JCS INSITEThe INSITE program at Pine Hills offers high school students an independent study program with guidance and support from teachers on a one-on-one or small group basis. Students come to campus up to four days a week to work on their coursework in a flexible, non-classroom based environment. This flexibility allows students to maintain their academic endeavors while participating in outside commitments, work, or competitive sports. INSITE offers teacher support four days a week from 9am – 12pm. Students are able to stay on campus until 2pm for independent study. With the level of support and flexible scheduling, students in the INSITE program can work ahead, make up classes, or even graduate early. In addition, students are welcome to participate in field trips and social events with their peers from the academy.

JCS Pine Hills Home Study (K-12)

JCS HomestudyJCS is one school with many programs designed to meet the individual needs of its students. Each JCS program offers an Academy track and a Home Study track. For more information about whether JCS Home Study is the right choice for your student, please feel free to contact our Admissions Department or learn more about each program within the JCS Family.