Home Study

JCS Pine Hills Home Study (TK-12)

About our Home Study (TK-12) Program

Home Study is a truly personalized program that meets the unique needs of each child and fosters an environment for success! Each student is able to develop in a learning atmosphere that is customized to them. Home Study is ideal for parents who want to play an active role in their child’s education. At JCS, we empower parents to become partners in their child’s education and equip them to inspire their child’s love of learning and excel academically.

  • Teachers, or Educational Facilitators (EF) will help design, monitor, and assess the learning.  Parents will support and supervise the learning.
  • Students and parents meet with their EF once every 20 days. Together, they review assignments, assess and monitor student progress, , and then plan the next month’s assignments. EFs and parents work together to  determine supplemental items, activities, or materials that are educational in nature and needed to support the students’ personalized learning, such as music lessons, athletics, etc.,
  • Additionally, EFs are available regularly to support both students and parents and students have the opportunity to participate in daily interaction and instruction with our JCS Pine Hills team of teachers and staff.

Home Study Learning Center

JCS Pine Hills offers enrichment on Fridays for students in our Home Study program. Our Learning Center Program, located in Temecula provides students with an opportunity to attend classes once a week. Classes are enriching, hands-on and activity-based. This enrichment program provides students a place to interact socially and academically with other home study students. Throughout the day, students engage in various reading, writing, math, science, social studies, art and P.E. activities that coincide with skills they are learning in their regular home study.

High School Program and INSITE

In addition to working with an Educational Facilitator in high school, core courses are taught by a credentialed subject-area teacher, or specialist. 
  • The specialist courses are taught in a mostly asynchronous independent study environment. 
  • We offer all the courses needed to complete A-G requirements, if the student chooses to do so. 
  • We also offer concurrent enrollment with community colleges so our students can take college courses and earn college credit while in high school. 
  • Students have access to a dedicated high school counselor for college and career planning. 
  • INSITE –  High School students have the option to come to our JCS Pine Hills campus for direct instruction and support from the high school specialists, three days per week.

Field Trips and Events

Here are just a few examples of the fantastic home study field trips offered through JCS each year. We try to repeat the most popular ones, and add several new ones each year.