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JCS Pine Hills Home Study (K-12)

About our Home Study (K-12) Program

Students in the Home Study Program are divided into two main groups, kindergarten through eighth grade (K-8) and high school (9-12). For K-8 students, daily instruction is provided by the parent-teacher under the supervision of an educational facilitator (EF) from JCS. K-8 students may also receive instruction one day a week at a learning center, take online classes, or elect to use an educational enrichment partner as approved by the EF. At the 9-12 level, the Home Study Program includes three options – the portfolio program whereby parents / guardians design the students’ course of study with the assistance of an educational facilitator (similar to the K-8 program described above), the specialist program where the curriculum is designed by a highly qualified teacher and overseen by an educational facilitator in conjunction with the parent-teacher, and the INSITE program whereby a teacher designs and supports the students’ educational program. The primary difference between the various home study programs is who is directing the students’ daily instruction – their parent / guardian or an educational facilitator from JCS. High school home study students also have the option to participate in group instruction at a JCS Academy.

Home Study is a truly personalized program that meets the unique needs of each child and fosters an environment for success! Each student is able to develop at their own pace in a learning atmosphere that is customized to them. Home Study is ideal for parents who want to play an active role in their child’s education. Teachers are responsible for designing, monitoring, and assessing the learning. Parents are responsible for the supervision and support of the learning.  At JCS, we empower parents to become partners in their child’s education and equip them to inspire their child’s love of learning and excel academically.

Educational Facilitators meet with their home school families throughout San Diego, Riverside (including Coachella Valley), and Orange County at a variety of locations including libraries, JCS Academies, local businesses, and parks.

Prospective Parent Home Study Presentation (PDF)

Learning Centers & Enrichment

Julian Charter School offers a Learning Center option for JCS Home Study students grade TK-8. Students can use their Educational Units to participate in this program on Fridays at the San Diego and Temecula location(s), or Tuesday at the Ramona location. An online writing class is also available on Mondays (grades 3 -5 and grade 6-8). To find out more about JCS Learning Centers, choose an option below:

Educational Facilitators

In the Home Study program the parent is the primary supervisor and support of the student’s education, however, students are provided with a California accredited teacher who meets with them once every 20 days. At JCS, we call these teachers Educational Facilitators or EFs. Students and parents meet with their EF once every 20 days for a minimum of one hour. Together they review assignments, discuss problems or areas of concern, and then plan the next month’s assignments. While students only meet in person with their EF once every 20 days, EFs are available regularly to remotely support both students and parents.

In addition to being supported by an EF, High School students are assigned to a credentialed subject area teacher for core subjects. Upon enrollment, an EF will meet with each family to determine supplemental items, activities, or materials that are educational in nature and needed to support learning, such as music lessons, athletics, etc., and these will be provided on a case-by-case basis. These JCS specialists are available to assist with the assignment and evaluation of work as well as consultation and tutoring throughout the semester. The JCS Home Study program offers many support resources to aid in the success of each student. 

Some of the resources we currently offer include:

Field Trips

Field trips are offered on a monthly basis for students in grades TK-8, and at least once per semester for students in grades 9-12. Registration is on a first-come, first served basis. These are just a few examples of the fantastic home study field trips offered through JCS each year. We try to repeat the most popular ones, and add several new ones each year.

  • Children’s Museum – Temecula
  • Various museums
  • Painted Earth
  • Various Concerts
  • Bubble Fest & Discovery Cube Exhibit
  • Marine Science Floating Lab
  • Canadian Fiddling and Step Dancing performance
  • LA Carnivores
  • Birch Aquarium
  • Science Explorations
  • Engineering
  • STEM activities
  • Olympic Training Center
  • Living Desert
  • Art Quests/Activities
  • Whale Watching
  • Ice Skating
  • Mine Tours
  • Historical Tours and Adventures
  • Child Creativity Labs
  • Pumpkin Harvest
  • Mission Tours
  • Anaheim Ducks
  • La Brea Tar Pits
  • Hiking
  • Dramas/Plays
  • Kayaking
  • Farm visits
  • Magic School Bus
  • San Diego Zoo
  • Sea World